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Internship Opportunities

MSU Safe Place interns have the opportunity to engage with each service area available. Interns are asked to take on tasks from each service area in order to learn about multiple different ways professionals show up in this work. During an intern's time at Safe Place, they may have to complete additional training in order to provide a variety of services.

MSU Safe Place intern applications are now closed. For more information contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Lara Hayden at

We encourage you to explore the Service Areas available.

Requirements to Intern

  1. Complete volunteer application and interview process

  2. Agree to a Criminal Background Check, Student Conduct Check, and Driver Record Request, if applicable.

  3. Complete a multi-day training

  4. Attend weekly supervision with Volunteer Coordinator

  5. Facilitate / co-facilitate support groups
  6. One semester minimum commitment

  7. If you are a survivor of relationship violence, stalking, family violence, or systemic violence of any kind, we ask that one year has elapsed since receiving counseling, advocacy and/or shelter services before applying to volunteer with our program.*

    *During the interview process interns will be asked to have a conversation with the Volunteer Coordinator regarding past, current, and/or future experiences with violence and how this may impact their work as an intern.

MSU Safe Place intern applications are now closed.

If you are interested in applying for an internship, please contact Lara Hayden, the Volunteer Coordinator, at If available fill out the application below. If you would like to download a Word version of the document, check out our Downloads page.


Internship Application